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Diamond Diesel and Turbo Service is an authorized Distributor of BorgWarner Turbochargers and only sells aftermarket replacement turbochargers. Diamond Diesel & Turbo from time to time picks up BorgWarner Turbos from companies going out of business, get deals from BorgWarner, or just plain ends up with excess BorgWarner Turbo’s.  The intent of this site is to try and match these turbochargers with the end user with the same turbo and give them a deal.  All Turbochargers listed on this site are genuine BorgWarner Turbochargers. We do not sell BorgWarner knockoffs.  If there is a rebuilt Turbocharger listed on this site, it is also a genuine BorgWarner Turbocharger rebuilt with Genuine BorgWarner Parts and carries the same warranty as a brand new turbocharger.  Diamond Diesel & Turbo does not list every turbo we stock on this site.  If you need a turbocharger that is not listed here, send us a email and we will try to source the turbo you need.  Diamond Diesel & Turbo also rebuilds turbochargers and stocks many of the common cartridges.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: We do NOT retrofit engines that were not originally turbocharged and we do not sell designs or plans for doing so.   We do recommend installing a turbocharger designed for one engine on a different engine.

This site filters the turbochargers by the engine manufacturer that the BorgWarner turbocharger was designed to fit on.   Use the search box above to find the BorgWarner Turbo that meets your needs. Search by model number, engine manufacturer, engine model or year. All turbochargers are available for sale unless otherwise indicated.

Turbocharger with variable turbine geometry for commercial diesel applications